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Tellington TTouch is a gentle communication method for animals; it consists of body work and movement exercises that positively influences behaviour, performance and wellbeing that encourages harmony, cooperation and trust between animals and humans.

 It is a series of circular hand movements, lifts and slides that can help release fear and tension in your animal which helps them to relax and think and in turn make better choices. It is a complementary non-invasive method which enhances the communication and bond between animals and humans. It promotes balance, physical, mental and emotional and encourages self control and self confidence

It is not about fixing, curing or doing something to the animal. It is about working with the animal to bring about a new awareness, offering another experience and giving new information so the animal can be more flexible and adaptive. Making them better able to cope with challenging situations.

TTouch meets the animal where they are, never expecting more than they are capable at the moment. It works at their pace, one small successful step at a time, is a success. Sometimes less is More. It is a way to work with animals using understanding instead of dominance, respecting each animal as an individual.

Tellington TTouch

We use a combination of methods such as energy balancing, relaxation techniques, NLP and TTouch (Tellington TTouch) with our work with animals. Through these methods animals can become more relaxed less stressed and then they are better able to cope with challenging situations. It is a gentle way to work with animals, using understanding instead of dominance to build a better relationship.

To their human it brings about an awareness of the importance of animals in our lives through understanding and trust which encourages harmony and cooperation between them both. When animals are relaxed they will learn and think and in turn make better choices. This way of working with animals promotes balance, physical, mental, emotional and energetically including environmental, encouraging self-control and self-confidence.

A Gentle Holistic Complementary Therapy


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