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Please contact us to discuss Consultations (by Phone, Skype, with us or at your location) and how we can help you, your animal and environment

Client Testimonials

Below is a list of Testimonials from some of our Clients. We aim to update these on a regular basis.

Public Speaking

"I can’t thank Andrew enough for the NLP coaching he gave me in regard to public speaking. The job I have is most enjoyable and I love doing it, but there was one aspect of the job that requires talking to groups of people which I found terrifying. After three sessions with Andrew I was amazed to find that I looked at this issue completely differently and have since carried out workshops and talks without becoming a nervous wreck! I really can’t thank Andrew enough."

K S Bristol  

"It was great to meet you both last week. When we arrived home, both dogs were very sleepy. Shadow crawled on to his favourite corner of the sofa. Duchess found her favourite mat by the radiator. When the post came through the door, I was surprised that Shadow lifted his head, gave a couple of low growly rather subdued barks, then flopped his head back down again with a sigh. They had obviously enjoyed their visit!

"Do you still work with dogs? People are interested in having help. Dodge is the most laid back bullie (English Bull Terrier) any one has seen." R "Bristol"

I was just writing to someone today saying I never have received better energy from other people than I am receiving right now in my life. Even when things seem stressful and difficult, I am adapting with much more resilience. Having the ability to reframe my thoughts and turn off negative self speak is so empowering! It has really allowed me to be my most honest and true self. Everything is falling into place for me now. I would so love to share that possibility with others !

A (Skype client USA)

"Thank you once again for all you did for Tom. Please except this although I am sure Tom would think that a tin of Tuna Fish would be a far more fitting thank you ;-) " M (East Sussex)

"Thank You very much for my Fox free Garden" E  (Bristol)


Having never been to an NLP practitioner before I was unsure quite what to expect, but I needed help with my phobia of needles and it didn’t matter how much I told myself it was ok, it wasn’t. My Mother has a weekly injection and sometimes I need to be there so I sought help from Andrew with regard to this issue.

Andrew was very calm and patience and allowed me to discover that my concerns regarding needles were unfounded. His technique was perfect for me and I am very grateful that I chose to work with Andrew as I can now not only be in the room when my Mother has her injection but also hold her hand, I don’t even look away, brilliant.  

K M Somerset

I thought you might like to know how Shadow got on,

 Shadow seemed much calmer, and we were able to clicker train him for looking at another dog and looking back, with the dog right opposite him, the other side of the fence. I could not believe how much happier he seemed. He did really well, with loads of clicks and just a few 'blips' and then had a really laid back walk around the field." S (Somerset)

I've been meaning to say thanks for last Thursday. That was truly amazing. I am so happy for Jove that he was able to relax and especially how he pottered around your garden afterward, I could see him as the dog he was meant to be! It might be the first time he was ever like that to such a degree. I felt really terrible making him go when he wanted to stay. A "Gloucestershire"

Andrew is a great Master Practitioner of NLP and Energy work. He has helped me to overcome negative experiences, make positive changes in my life and learn how I have many options to deal with the situations which arise in my life. He is supportive and professional at all times and I highly recommend him as a Master Practitioner in Energy & NLP

C (Bristol)

"Many thanks for your helpful advice. My dog who is terrified of loud bangs, especially fireworks, gunfire and thunder, finds the TTouch relaxing and he is definitely calmer and feels more secure when wearing the Body Wrap" P Somerset

“Just wanted to let you know: Mum and Dad said they have never seen as many birds in the garden as there were yesterday! They send their thanks..." S (Suffolk)

"Thank you so much for working on the stables and business. I noticed the difference the next day and I know it will continue."  W "Brentwood UK"

Please contact us to discuss Consultations (by Phone, Skype, with us or at your location) and how we can help you, your animal and environment