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What Geomancy can do for You, Animals, Land &  Crops

What is Geomancy?

Geomancy, from Ancient Greek ge?manteía translates literally to "Foresight by  Earth" or "Divining the Land"

Geomancy is thought to have established roots in the Middle East when  returning Arabic merchants brought the esoteric knowledge from East Asia via the  Silk Road. The original names of the figures were traditionally given in Arabic,  excluding a Persian origin. since the expansive trade routes of Arabian merchants would facilitate the exchange of culture and knowledge. It is theorized that related systems of divination in sub-Saharan Africa, such as Ifá and sikidy, either were based on or co-developed with Arabic divination systems.

What is Geopathic Stress?

People are becoming more aware of both the term 'Geopathic Stress'  "Geopathic" is derived from the Greek words, ‘Geo' meaning ‘The Earth', and  ‘Pathos’ meaning ‘Disease' or ‘Suffering', so literally ‘Suffering of the  Earth'.  The term ‘Geopathic stress' is used to describe negative energies,  which  emanate from the earth and cause discomfort and ill health to those living above.Earth energies can be bad, good or neutral ‘Yin’ or ‘Yang’. Dowsing allows  the detection of the presence, and the assessment of the nature and quality, of various subtle earth energies.Plants and animals have varying sensitivities to earth energies, some species  thrive in locations that are healthy for people, other species thrive in areas  that are unhealthy for people. There are, therefore, no ‘Good" or Bad’ energies, simply ones that humans can healthily relate to and others that are more challenging depending on individual Bio-Mechanical makeup.These energies can attract and or manifest other none-beneficial energies and entities

Spending prolonged periods of time, either at home  or at work, in a place where the subtle energies are detrimental to human health is a common dysfunction in contemporary culture, and the effects of this are  termed ‘Geopathic stress’.

Geopathic Stress has been linked to:

General uncomfortableness (Physically)  



Restless sleep

Irregular Sleep Patterns

Cold or Uncomfortable areas

Rows often when in the same area

Animals not willing to stay in certain areas

Geopathic Stress & Geomancy Services


The art of bringing Buildings and Land into Balance.

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