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Dr Edward Bach developed 38 remedies in total  which help to bring us back into balance and gently ease distress by helping  combat ill health, enabling harmony and peace to return to our lives. It is a  simple, safe, self-help form of healing which supports a person’s fight against

 illness by addressing the emotional factors like depression, anxiety and trauma that are thought to impede physical healing

From his observations of patients who were more negative in their outlook, it was apparent to him that they didn’t heal as well as the more optimistic patients; it was the emotional state of the patient that has such an effect on their physical condition. Being not only a physician but also a Homoeopath he could see the benefits of using pure and natural products to help with the healing process.

Dr Bach had a dislike of needles and this was one of the things he gave much thought too, the way in which he could

 dispense the remedies. He was a great humanitarian and he felt that the medicines of the day and the way in which they were administrated, caused more distress to the patients than the actual illness they suffered from, so he came

 up with the idea of using a tincture to administer the remedies.

To find out more on how the Bach Flower Remedies can help you, please contact me for a consultation and a personalised remedy bottle.

Mrs Kim Cox

Bach Flower Remedies


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