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Please contact us to discuss Consultations (by Phone, Skype, with us or at your location) and how we can help you, your animal and environment

Welcome to EnergyWorks

The purpose of this site is to showcase what we do, that can help deepen the relationship between animals and their people, helping both to communicate better through relaxation and a calm healthy environment. Whether that is helping your animal to release fear and tension or through Geomancy (environment enrichment) and NLP Coaching.

Whilst our main role is in working with Animals of all creeds, either with or without Humans we also love working with humans and their environments

Japanese Reiki: Working with and Interacting with the energies.

Healing: allowing the energies to flow

Consists of body work and movement exercises that positively influences behaviour, performance and wellbeing that encourages harmony, cooperation and trust between animals and humans.

Bringing Buildings and Land into Balance. Working with Natures Energies, for You and Animals.

The Art of Geomancy Life Coaching, Find your True Path  Tellington Ttouch Japanese Reiki Workshops & Talks

Are you an Animal Rescue Centre?

We love to work in Rescue Centres both helping the animals and giving help and advice. Our time is limited but we give it freely to the rescue animals.

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